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We make it easy for busy professionals to order a high-quality catered meal. Whether for a 5-person meeting or a 500-person employee appreciation event, we can handle the occasion. Our network of high-quality restaurants are carefully selected to ensure our clients receive a first class catering experience. Simply place your order through our platform and we take care of the rest!

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Why Choose LunchLobby ?

Save Time

Never again waste time calling restaurants to ask if they deliver to your location. Our online platform has all of the current catering options, pricing, menus, etc.

Keep Employees Satisfied

Employees can utilize the LunchLobby platform to choose from a diverse and exciting list of local restaurants.

Boost Performance and Well-Being

Our partners are seeing a significant increase in productivity, and employees love the convenience & time-savings.


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Partner with us to expand reach, increase facility output, and create thriving revenue streams.

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